Julien is Head of Production of Framestore VR Studio’s newest post in Montreal. Sitting alongside Framestore Film teams, he brings over a decade of experience in groundbreaking technology and game development to continue Framestore’s collection of immersive experiences. Julien graduated from École Polytechnique de Montréal with a degree in Software Engineering. Shortly after, he tackled a graduate degree in management while simultaneously getting his start in production at EA Mobile. His path through production at EA Mobile allowed him to touch games such as Scrabble and Tetris. Prior to joining Framestore, Julien was an Executive Producer at Hibernum Creations where he led projects such as Fruit Ninja Kinect, Bruce Lee: Enter the Game, and Saber’s Edge.
As Head of Production, Julien draws upon the technology and creativity native to Montreal to proliferate their culture of innovation.

Julien Charlebois sessions

Smart Production Management for Distributed Teams and Agile Development
Wednesday, December 13th

Large-scale game and VR development comes with a variety of production challenges, which are further compounded when you’re co-developing with other studios and managing teams of outsourced artists. Autodesk’s Jon Jones will show you how to address these challenges, how to plan, support, and provide logistics for international virtual teams, and how Shotgun’s production tracking and review […]