Scott Eaton

Scott Eaton is an artist, photographer and anatomy instructor residing in London, UK. His work focuses on the form, motion and anatomy of the human body. Scott studied drawing and sculpture in Florence, Italy, and received his computer graphics education at the MIT Media Lab.

Richard Rouse III

Richard Rouse III is a creative director, designer, writer and consultant currently working on action-infiltration/narrative game The Church in the Darkness at his company, Paranoid Productions. Past projects include The Suffering, State of Decay, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Drakan: The Ancients’ Gates, Damage Incorporated and Odyssey: The Legend of Nemesis, and he has consulted on numerous other titles. Previously he was a Design Director/Lead at Microsoft Studios, Ubisoft Montreal, Midway and Surreal Software. Rouse wrote the popular book Game Design: Theory & Practice and is a frequent speaker on game design and interactive storytelling at conferences and universities.

Brian Schmidt

Brian Schmidt a composer, sound designer and technologist, the founder and creator of GameSoundCon and a 30 year veteran of the game audio industry. The 2008 recipient of the Game Audio Network Guild’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Brian has been creating game music, sounds and cutting edge game sound technology since 1987. With a credit list of over 140 games and a client list including Zynga, Sony, Electronic Arts, Capcom, Sega, Microsoft, Data East, Namco, and many others. Brian has used his combined expertise and experience in music composition, sound design and his deep technical knowledge to change the landscape of the game audio industry. Brian is a frequent speaker on the creative, technical and business aspects of game audio, having given literally hundreds of educational and inspirational talks at conferences all over the world. Events such as the Game Developers Conference, Microsoft’s Gamefest, Sega Devcon, the Audio Engineering Society Conference and esteemed institutions such as Yale University, Northwestern University, and Digipen have invited Brian to share his knowledge and insight into the industry.

Dewi Tanner

Charged with bringing one of Japans most popular games to the west, Dewi is the Director of Western Operations for the hit esport Shadowverse at Japanese publisher Cygames. He started out at PaRappa the Rapper developer NanaOn-Sha and has worked in Japan for 10 years. In addition his experience working in the west as a product manager for boutique New Zealand studio PikPok gives him unique insights from both sides of the fence.

Jonathan Simard

15 years ago, Jonathan started his career at Ubisoft as a 3D animator, working on the renowned franchise Assassin’s Creed. At Beenox, he gave life to video game characters including Spider-Man, before joining Squeeze’s first crew of artists. Jonathan stands out for his fluid and rhythmic style, contributing to establish Squeeze’s unique visual signature.

Tarn Adams

Tarn Adams is the co-founder of Bay 12 Games. His main project is Dwarf Fortress, a fantasy simulation game which he works on with his brother Zach. The game is distributed free of charge and has developed a strong niche following, but it is also known for its difficult interface and text-based graphics. The brothers work on game design together, while Tarn does most of the programming.

Nicholas Routhier

Nicholas has been part of Ubisoft Montreal for 15 years and has worked on franchise like Far Cry, Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed. He’s currently Design technical director on the world team of an unannounced project.

Kevin Coughlan

Kevin has been working professionally in video games for over 20 years. The first half of his career was spent as programmer and later technical director at Radical Entertainment in Vancouver. He then moved to Montréal, first to work in various technical management roles at Behaviour Interactive and now as technical director – design at Ubisoft Montréal. Through it all, his passion has been bridging the gap between content creators and the tools/workflows that they use on a regular basis. In a sense, he’s all about helping others make the best game that they can!

Nathan Pringle

A Game Designer who specializes in AI. Has worked in the Game Industry for about 3 years, but has worked on AI for much longer. Developed a pathfinding Algorithm at 12, currently working on a human-emotion simulator.

Daniel Menard

Dan is the co-founder and CEO of Double Stallion Games, an independent studio based in Montreal. Double Stallion specializes in 2D action-adventure games for PC, Console and Mobile. Dan started his career in the games industry leading and programming a Half-Life 2 multiplayer mod called Eternal Silence. At Double Stallion, Dan manages the high-level operation and leads the technical direction of the studio.