Maja Moldenhauer

Marija (Maja) Moldenhauer is the Executive Producer and Lead Inking Artist at StudioMDHR. Maja holds a degree in Biomedical Sciences under her belt and prior to joining forces with the Moldenhauer brothers, Maja worked in Development Services in the Banking industry. Her passion and talent for art made the transition from the Banking industry into video games seamless.

Jared Moldenhauer

Jared Moldenhauer is the Lead Designer and Co-Owner at StudioMDHR, creators of Cuphead. Prior to starting StudioMDHR, Jared worked for a family-operated construction company, but had a deep passion for video games and more specifically the mechanics of how games worked. Together with his brother, Chad, Jared turned this passion into a full time job in 2015 by starting StudioMDHR and the inception of Cuphead. Since then, the brothers have grown their company from 3 to 15 employees and published their debut game, Cuphead, on September 29th, 2017. Cuphead had notably sold over 1 Million units within the first two weeks on Steam and Xbox/WIN 10 and maintains a high Metacritic score.

Chad Moldenhauer

Chad Moldenhauer is the Creative Director and Co-Owner at StudioMDHR, creators of Cuphead. Prior to starting StudioMDHR in 2013, Chad owned and operated a small Marketing & Design Boutique based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. While Chad did not have any prior experience in the industry before starting StudioMDHR, he has been passionate about games and art since a very young age. Chad channeled his love for these two hobbies into a full time job in 2015 with his brother and co-owner, Jared Moldenhauer. Since then, the brothers have grown their company from 3 to 15 employees and published their debut game, Cuphead, on September 29th, 2017. Cuphead had notably sold over 1 Million units within the first two weeks on Steam and Xbox/WIN 10 and maintains a high Metacritic score.

Jayson Hilchie

Jayson Hilchie is President & CEO of ESAC, the trade association representing companies that develop, publish and distribute video games in Canada.

Mr. Hilchie joined ESAC as President and CEO in 2012. Under his leadership, the organization has broadened its membership to include a cross section of major publishers, mobile developers and independent studios, making the association more inclusive and strengthening its voice to government. He has successfully led multiple government advocacy campaigns in provinces across Canada as well as being the lead advocate for the industry with the federal government in Ottawa. He has represented the industry in front of Prime Ministers, senior Cabinet Ministers, as well as multiple Parliamentary Committees.

He is the primary spokesperson for the video game industry in Canada and frequently appears as the public face of the industry in media outlets such as the Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, as well as CBC and BNN.

Prior to joining ESAC Jayson was Director, IT & Interactive Media at Nova Scotia Business Inc., where he led initiatives to grow the video game industry in Nova Scotia.

Johannes Saam

Senior Creative Developer, Johannes Saam had an early interest in 3D and began by teaching himself at home. While in studying at SAE Institute, Johannes began his career interning at Scanline VFX in Munich. Johannes continued his education at Bournemouth University where he earned his Masters in Computer Animation.

Following his time at Scanline, Johannes moved to Rising Sun Pictures where he continued to work on a variety of feature films. His Film Credits include: Legend of the Guardians, Mad Max 4, Thor, Captain America – The First Avenger, Prometheus, 300 Rise of an Empire, and Exodus: God and Kings.

Among many achievements and honors, Johannes has a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his development, prototyping and promotion of technologies and workflows for Deep Compositing, six Siggraph showcases and three animago AWARDs. He’s a frequent speaker within the industry at events such as Digital Hollywood, VRLA and LA Games Conference

Since joining Framestore as Senior Creative Developer Johannes has continued to make advancements in the worlds of AR/VR, data point cloud workflows and procedural generation. He was lead developer on Facebook’s new x24 Surround 360 camera and the VR experiences LUMEN with Time Inc. and SAAM VR with Intel and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. He’s also been leading the original Framestore experience CORAL, the first-ever real-time fractal explorer in VR.

Johannes is constantly looking for opportunities to improve efficiency, better workflow and creating solutions to creative problems.

Stéphanie Bouchard

Stéphanie Bouchard worked as a Game designer in AAA, indie, Academic research, R&D and Freelance. She worked on all types of games with teams ranging from “we are two people in a 48h game jams’’ to “there is too many people here! 3 year long AAA projects’’. After a while as a generalist, she finally chose to specialise in Artificial Intelligence. She also cumulates 5 years of experience as the most feared Game Design teacher in Montreal…AND BEYOND!

Henry Smith

Henry used to work for BioWare on games like Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 3. In 2012 he went indie and made the award-winning party game Spaceteam which took him on lots of fun adventures. He also started the Spaceteam Admiral’s Club so that fans can help him make and share more games, for free. His next project is a local-multiplayer co-op treasure hunt escape room called “Blabyrinth“.

Alex Hutchinson

Alex Hutchinson has been making games for far too long now. After several years as a Creatvie Director at Ubisoft on such titles as Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed III, he recently joined some old friends to found the boutique game developer Typhoon Studios. Back in the mists of time he was also a Creative Director at E.A. on Army of TWO: The 40th Day and a Lead Designer at Maxis in California on games like Spore and The Sims 2.

Teddy Dief

Videogame designer and writer, Creative Director at Square Enix. Formerly a designer at Disney and game narrative researcher at USC, he then co-designed award-winning RPG Hyper Light Drifter. Co-founder of LA game collective Glitch City. He has hosted and produced the Square Bowl charity, IndieCade Innovation Awards, and Idle Thumbs’ Playscape podcast.

Simon Darveau

Simon’s strategic approach to production and innovation has helped him carry out countless creative endeavors—both in the AAA setting (Design Closer and Creative Director, Ubisoft Singapore) and in the independent community (Cofounder and Director, Spearhead Games; Cofounder and Director, La Guilde)—that have won awards nationally (Canadian Video Game Award, 2009). With a master’s degree in industrial engineering, Simon has always been an efficient producer who ultimately aims to improve both game design and interactive media as a whole. His creative theory on Collectively Driven Prototype earned him the position of General Manager at ISART DIGITAL’s school of game design. But above all else, his exceptional leadership, ambition for innovation and perseverance are the best production values he brings to this new entity The Darwin Project.