Rebecca Cohen-Palacios

Rebecca Cohen-Palacios is the co-founder and director of Pixelles, a Montreal-based, women-in-games non-profit organisation. Pixelles empowers women in games through 100% free programs such as monthly skill-based workshops, mentorship, mid-career support, writing group community love + support, and more! Rebecca is also involved in the Montreal games community as  co-organizer of GameLoop Montreal (an unconference fostering discussion around game development). She loves to speak publicly on advocacy and diversity, as well as, mentor and teach accessible games/tech/coding workshops with Ladies Learning Code, TAG Lab, and other organisations.   Professionally, Rebecca is a hybrid UI artist / developer currently at Ubisoft Montreal.  She’s shipped Assassin’s Creed Origins, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Shape Up (Kinect). Before getting into game development full-time, Rebecca spent six years designing user interfaces for apps, websites and interactive experiences.

Rayna Anderson

Rayna Anderson is a Senior Narrative Designer with a background in psychology who has spent more than a decade designing games for a variety of platforms and screen sizes. From mobile to AAA, she works on making storytelling more integral into games of every size. Currently at Eidos-Montréal, most recently she worked on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Rayna is highly involved in the industry, seeking to encourage others to tell their stories through games. She shares her passion and knowledge as a speaker at conferences and serves as a mentor for associations such as Pixelles.

Louis-Rene Auclair

Louis-René Auclair was a former Chief Marketing Officer at Hibernum responsible for marketing and business development. He oversaw all developers and publishers relations and played a major role in the creative design and the Acquisition, Retention, Monetization, and Engagement strategies for all of the studio’s projects. Having worked with the world’s biggest brands, intellectual properties, and publishers, Mr. Auclair has become a pillar in the development community for his success, industry foresight, and creative thinking.

A marketing graduate, Louis-René has over 17 years of experience in brand management, product marketing, and video game production.

Benoit Groulx

A graduate from University of Montreal in the music program, Benoit has been exploring different musical langages and styles, an asset since he’s in demand in the film music business which often calls for diversity has far as music goes.
Among his credits; the original score for the BBC production” Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell”, ”Steel Toes” produced by Gala Films, ”The Carbon Rush” and ”Tomorrow’s Power” written by the documentary film maker Amy Miller.
Aside from writing original scores, Benoit his often call in to arrange and orchestrate other composer’s work in the film business and video game industry : Secretariat (Disney), Heaven is for Real (TriStar Pictures), The Little Polar Bear 2 (Warner Bros.), An American Haunting (Midsummer Films), Paul à Québec (Caramel Film), Unit 13 (Sony), La Symphonie de Jeux Vidéo de Montréal (Orchestre Métropolitain).
He also produced Corteo Cd for Cirque du Soleil.

Abel Mathew

Abel Mathew is the co-founder and CEO of Backtrace I/O. Prior to Backtrace, Abel was a Head of Engineering at AppNexus where he led a team of developers to improve ad optimization and reduce platform-wide costs. He spent multiple years as a developer and a team lead on AppNexus’ Adserver Team where he helped design and implement their low-latency advertising platform. Before AppNexus, Abel was a kernel module and tools developer at IBM and a server room monkey at AMD.

Casimir Perez

Casimir Perez is a 3D artist specialized in texturing, who recently joined Allegorithmic after spending 3 years at Illumination Mac Guff (working on feature films such as The Secret Life of Pets and Despicable Me 3). A technical artist at heart, he is an expert on the Substance tools which he uses on a wide spectrum of assets; ranging from realistic to stylized content.

Mark Antoon

Mark Antoon started Superhippo Studios in 2012 and has worked on several titles such as “Pirate Legends TD”, “Don’t Be Squared” and “Golden Slots”. Mark later launched Nutaku in 2015, after the realization that the traditional gaming stores are extremely overcrowded, where less than 1% of games are financially successful. In under 3 years, Nutaku is currently the world’s largest browser gaming platform dedicated to 18+ games, and the best alternative to the oversaturated App Store, Google Play, Kongregate and other conventional gaming stores. Mark and his team are currently funding gaming studios worldwide that are struggling with the brutal reality of the gaming market and are eager to enhance their titles to be distributed on Nutaku

Raphael Colantonio

Raphael Colantonio is currently consultant in game Design. He was President and Co-Creative Director of Arkane Studios until September 2017. Raphael founded Arkane studios in 1999 in Lyon, France and expanded to Austin, Texas in 2005. In 2010, he sold the studio to ZeniMax Media, Inc. He directed Prey (PC/XboxOne/PS4), co-directed Dishonored (PC/Xbox360/PS3), Directed Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (PC), and directed Arx Fatalis (PC)

Madeleine Scott Spencer

Madeleine Scott-Spencer has used ZBrush extensively for over ten years as a Visual Effects artist as well as an instructor for The Gnomon Workshop. She has worked in visual effects, toys and collectible design as well as the creation of digital maquettes for concept design. Maddie has worked with Weta, Double Negative, Pixologic, Gentle Giant Studios, Activision, Hasbro, and numerous other major studios. She served as a designer at Weta Workshop on the Hobbit trilogy as well as working on design and textures at Weta Digital. She has worked on a variety of films such as The Hobbit Trilogy, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Life, Wonder Woman, and Valerian. Madeleine has taught classes for Gnomon since 2006 and has produced numerous video tutorials and manuals for the ZBrush community, 3D World Magazine, and others. Madeleine is also the author of the highly-regarded books ZBrush Character Creation: Advanced Digital Sculpting, ZBrush Creature Design, and ZBrush Digital Sculpting: Human Anatomy. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005, studied classical figurative sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, and performed cadaver lab studies in support of multiple artist’s anatomy projects. She currently resides in London, England.

Jeremy Masker

Jeremy is currently a Live Operations Producer at Riot Games, where he works on League of Legends and the Riot infrastructure. Previously, he was the Director of Operations for both Epic Games and Cloud Imperium Games, working on titles such as Fortnite, Paragon, and Star Citizen. Jeremy got his start in Production at Blizzard Entertainment shipping, operating, and helping publish award winning games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo III. Jeremy has built both production teams and technical teams in his career, and focuses on defining and refining operational excellence. Overall he has 12 years of professional industry experience, 10 years in operations and has launched 8 games and countless patches.