Marion Esquian

Marion is currently a game and level designer at Tribute Games. Before that she worked as an indie developer and worked at Juicy Beast Studio as a UI/UX designer. She’s also one of the coordinator of Pixelles, an organisation who helps more women and marginalized people getting into the game industry.

Tanya Short

Tanya X. Short has captained Kitfox Games through the creation of Boyfriend Dungeon, Moon Hunters, and the Shrouded Isle. Previously, she acted as a senior designer on The Secret World and Age of Conan. She got her start in the games industry in 2003 by calling pay phones for the Halo 2 ARG ilovebees. In her spare time, she is the co-founder of Pixelles (a feminist non-profit) and co-editor of procedural generation textbooks. She believes in the power of kindness.

Jason Nuyens

Jason is a co-founder and developer at Breakfall, an Ottawa game studio best known for STARWHAL and Pizza Titan Ultra. He’s also co-founder of Girl Force, a local not for profit initiative to teach girls, women, and non binary folks about game development. He enjoys talking to the community about the process of making games and how important they are for personal development.

Jeet Niyogi

Jeet Niyogi is the Marketing Director of Playtika Montreal and leads the marketing team for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) free-to-play game. Currently the #1 downloaded and grossing free poker app in the US and many countries, WSOP has seen significant growth in its active user base and revenue under Jeet’s innovative approach. His relentless focus on “measurable marketing” has led to sizeable growth in the products or services with which he has been associated at EA, Autodesk, Oracle and now Playtika. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and MBA from McGill University.

Jan Schneidereit

Jan Schneidereit is a communications professional with a strong passion for gaming. He has been working at MOTHERSHIP for over 5 years where he has gained deep insights into games from nearly all genres and platforms. You can follow MOTHERSHIP on Twitter here.