Samantha Youssef has worked as a character animator for Walt Disney Animation, as well as other reputable companies such as Yowza Animation, and Filmax, and has directed at Ubisoft Digital Arts. Film and gaming animation studios employ Samantha to train their artists, and she has done masterclasses for animation studios and colleges around the world. She has also been invited to conduct lectures at several events across North America and Europe. Samantha has been featured in the media, including Chatelaine Magazine, Musique Plus, and Wired Magazine.
As founder of Studio Technique, Samantha offers a rich and extensive background in the arts. Her classical art background, along with her experience in feature film animation and the video game industry, has allowed her to create a unique program that offers specialized training to all varieties of artists. She graduated from Sheridan College’s classical animation program, as well as the Gobelins intensive program in Paris, and has studied at prestigious art academies across the globe. She is a former ballet dancer, and brings her understanding of dance, movement, physicality and body mechanics to her uniquely designed program of drawing and animation.
Because of the caliber of its artistic training, Studio Technique has been employed to provide specialized training to many professional studios globally. Not only have we been sought out for training by artists at top tier studios such as Walt Disney Feature Animation, Dreamworks Animation, Bluesky, Reel FX, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Framestore. Studio Technique clients include companies such as Bioware, Cinematic Studios, EA Mobile, Electronic Arts, Eidos, Gameloft, Industrial Light & Magic, Mercury Filmworks, THQ, Ubisoft, Visceral Games,WB Games, and We Are Minority.

Samantha Youssef sessions