Creating Culture: Peeking Behind the Curtain on Four Different Studios’ Guiding Philosophies

Categories: Advocacy & Industry By: Anne Gibeault, Epsilon Games Jean-Sylvain Sormany, Snowed In Studios Inc. Mike Baker, Karman Interactive Taraneh Dohmer, Steel Crate Games

Description: each game development studio sets their culture, which sets the basis of how they will operate and work with their primary asset: the developers. For this panel, we gather the most respected studios of the Ottawa region discussing how culture and philosophy contributes to build strong and productive teams. We will look also at […]

Designing XR Experiences with Natural Language Understanding

Categories: Programming & Technology By: Nick Landry, Microsoft

Description: designing complex interactions for XR headsets (MR/VR/AR) experiences can be challenging due to the limited input schemes. Keyword-based voice commands are helpful but can also be immersion-breaking and pose user adoption problems. Advances in Machine Learning allow developers to easily leverage Natural Language Understanding through reusable techniques. The XR+AI combination is a powerful integration […]

Driving Sustainable Mobile Growth: A Playtika World Series of Poker Case Study

Categories: Business & Marketing By: Jeet Niyogi, Playtika

Description: achieving mobile growth is not easy but maintaining it, which often remains underestimated, is even harder given the ultra-crowded app landscape today. Join Jeet Niyogi to find out some of the key components, especially from the marketing and user acquisition side of things, that he experimented with and put in place, to maintain a […]

Extreme Customer Feedback: How Riot took millions of players’ input to rebuild their game

Categories: Production & Management By: Guillaume Turmel, Riot Games

Description: what if it was possible to incorporate the feedback of millions of customers and make a product that satisfies almost everyone? That is the bet we made while working on “Runes Reforged,” a major re-write of some of the most basic rules of our game, League of Legends. What did we learn, how was […]

How Machine Learning Can Help Improve Your Game Design

Categories: Game Design By: Tiago Tex Pine, Bethesda Game Studios

Description: a look into modern AI algorithms and tech, from Regression to Deep Learning, and how they can be applied to help Game Designers balance their games, updated content and design new features around what the audience is craving for. Targeted public: game designers, , data analysts, data scientists, producers, product managers, product owners, system […]

Music for Games: Under the Hood

Categories: Audio By: Matthew Carl Earl, Hexany Audio Michel April Mike Raznick Richard Ludlow, Hexany Audio Samuel Laflamme

Description: this panel features a collective brain trust of composers with the credits spanning franchises like Ratchet & Clank, Outlast 2, Might & Magic, Arena of Valor, Trolls, Dead by Daylight, Oddworld, Blade Runner: Revelations, King’s Quest, Assassin’s Creed, and many many more. We’ll go behind the scenes and dissect a pice of work from […]

The Rules of Art: Creating a Brand Style Guide for Games

Categories: Visual Arts By: Alexander Karpazis, Ubisoft Montreal

Description: every game has an identity. The strength of this identity relies on the visual branding of the game. Whether it’s the typography used in a million dollar advertising campaign or the colors used in an indie games logo – the branding style guide is the rule-set that defines a games voice. Alexander Karpazis is […]