Anne-Sophie has been working in videogames since 2012, working on both indie and AAA titles. She has had a passion for sound since her childhood, a passion which has developed from music playing, to studying musicology, to digital music, and finally towards sound design and field recording. Since her entry in the games industry, Anne-Sophie has been focusing on improving the immersive experience in interactive media and developing techniques to craft unique and characterful soundscapes, through both experimental field recording techniques as well as creative and technical implementation ideas.

Anne-Sophie Mongeau sessions

Designing the sound of reality in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Tuesday, November 13th

Description: The idea of realism in games can be very subjective. Even in a game world which sources its stylistic references from the real world, sound designers must sometimes bend the rules of authenticity in order to present an environment which feels realistic. Because in games, ‘realism’ bears more the meaning of being ‘believable’ and […]