Chris Bourassa (@BourassaArt) is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Red Hook Studios where he works like a maniac on Darkest Dungeon – the studio’s first game. Chris has been a professional art director and concept artist for 12 years, contributing to a wide variety of videogames, animated TV shows, and pen-and-paper games. He loves all things dark and macabre, and his favorite game is Thief 2.

Chris Bourassa sessions

MIGS Brain Dump 2018: Easy to Learn, Hard to Master
Tuesday, November 13th

MIGS Brain Dump is back for 2018 – join us for this closing session where eight dynamic speakers each get five minutes to talk on this subject’s theme, “Easy to Learn, Hard to Master.” This year’s subject pulls from a popular piece of game design wisdom, but one that also applies to many other aspects […]

Paint It Black: The Art and Design of Darkest Dungeon
Monday, November 12th

Description: Darkest Dungeon’s art style, broken heroes, and morbid monsters were no accident! Careful deliberation and a rigorous commitment to expressing a singular creative direction underscore the game’s art and design at every turn. From Lepers to Plague Doctors, Creative Director and Artist Chris Bourassa illuminates the influences, narrative goals, and production considerations that formed […]