Having grown up around computers and video games, Edgar developed a strong affinity for them. He programmed on the Coco 2 at a young age and continued to be interested in programming and design. He started at one of, if not the first Indie in Montreal: Wicked Studios. he worked a little bit in web and flash and returned to PC and console games at Cyanide Montreal, and as an original member of Rogue Factor. He remains dedicated to Indie development. His current project is in Unreal Engine, but he’s also worked with in house engines and Unity.

Edgar Parente sessions

The Importance of Futureproofing
Tuesday, November 13th

Description: video game development is fraught with unknowns, ‘what ifs,’ and high cost risks. A solid development process and well researched pre-production stage can mitigate a lot of potential pitfalls that would only show themselves later on in the project. This talk will go over a variety of best practices and case studies – from […]