Elaine is a passionate game professional with expertise in game design, communication design, and project management. She has worked with many indie studios and spearheaded different community projects, including game jams, consumer events, and mentoring programs before joining GamePlay Space as project manager for the new IP Discoverability Engine. Her personal projects dive into physical installations, offering hybrid interactions of the material and digital worlds. She is also the proud mother of a spirited young girl.

Elaine Gusella sessions

The Mindful Dev: How to survive and thrive in games
Tuesday, November 13th

Description: Four speakers deliver four personal and brutally honest talks. How do you take care of yourself in the non-stop world of video game  development? Have you ever struggled with yourself as a creator, feeling like your work is worthless and nobody will ever like or play it? How do you avoid mental and emotional fatigue; and how on earth will […]