Elize Morgan is a writer of TV, games and digital series. She is a currently a writer at Ubisoft, and wrote on Assassin’s Creed: Origins. She also created and produced two digital comedy series, Pretty In Geek and The Gate and was the editor of the first book on making web series, aptly titled How to Make a Web Series. She has worked in animation, live action, and convergent content.
Elize wrote for the CSA-winning Grojband: The Show Must Go On and was nominated for a WGC Award for her script Heart of Gold on the animated series Mysticons. Elize has an MA in Popular Culture and is a graduate of the CFC’s Prime Time Television Writing Program. She once bicycled across Europe, bakes a mean sugar pie, and is super into puppies.

Elize Morgan sessions

Adventures in Video Game Writing
Tuesday, November 13th

Description: When should you be willing to sacrifice narrative for “cool stuff” that players can do? What are the best (and worst) ways for writers to collaborate with other members of a game team? What are the challenges and strategies for writing a game based on existing IP? A panel of writers from both indie […]