speaker Micro 5 Things I Refused to Learn in 35 Years of Game Audio

5 Things I Refused to Learn in 35 Years of Game Audio

Date : Monday, November 12th - 15.45 - 16.45 > 511F

Description: Rules apply to game audio in much the same way as a string applies to a kite. To make wise business decisions, you need to know things: product category, benefits, competition, chief differentiating factors.

-solve a major, common problem in a growing market
-have an extensible brand
-protect yourself against competition.

Let's look at that in terms of Game Audio. Then after wise head-nodding and uncomfortable laughter, let's look at the hilarious and messy things that actually comprised my life and career, and see if we can't identify which lessons we ought to avoid learning.

Targeted public: Game audio professionals and aspirants / Game professionals and aspirants / General audiences / No prerequisite knowledge is necessary.
It is intended to be entertaining and to present helpful insight for anybody looking for a successful balance between "rules of thumb" and what delights the heart.

Takeaways: Life is not a cubicle or a list of rules or a Ted Talk. / Find the smart business angle that the Universe is showing you. / When you sit up in bed inspired, or laugh your coffee out of your nose, something important is afoot. Pay attention to that, for heavens' sake.


George Sanger (The Fat Man)