speaker Micro Adapting The Procedural Generation Systems in We Happy Few
Programming & Technology

Adapting The Procedural Generation Systems in We Happy Few

Date : Monday, November 12th - 17.00 - 18.00 > 511E

Description: We Happy Few has changed a lot during its 4 year development. Starting from a small 3D rogue-like with little or no story, it grew tremendously as a title thanks to the added story elements and gameplay mechanics. The world is We Happy Few was originally fully procedural. But as the scope of the game grew, the world generation system had to integrate numerous manually crafted components. And it had to adapt. A lot. This talk will describe how the team did it, what worked and what didn't.

Targeted public: the audience has bit of experience to fully benefit from the talk. Programmers make the most of it as it presents a real-like example of a technical architecture. But Project managers and artists get a better picture of the impact and capabilities of procedural generation.

Takeaways: The audience will learn :
- What is a reasonable world generation system in III game;
- how to re-architecture it when the scope of the project changes, aka moves to AAA;
- what are the limits, pitfalls and benefits of re-building such a system in a changing context. Which is .. well… every time.


Lionel Barret de Nazaris (Compulsion Games)