speaker Micro Adventures in Video Game Writing
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Adventures in Video Game Writing

Date : Tuesday, November 13th - 10.00 - 11.00 > 510D

Description: When should you be willing to sacrifice narrative for "cool stuff" that players can do? What are the best (and worst) ways for writers to collaborate with other members of a game team? What are the challenges and strategies for writing a game based on existing IP? A panel of writers from both indie and AAA games will share their experiences and expertise on a variety of topics, and offer advice about how to become a game writer.

Targeted public: The panel is of interest to 1) writers/narrative designers, 2) aspiring writers, and 3) industry pros who want to understand how best to work with narrative teams. The talk could also be of interest to women in the industry, as the panel is all-female. No prerequisites.

Takeaways: Best practices for ensuring that narrative and gameplay work together -- with examples of projects that both succeeded and failed. / Advice for becoming a game writer. / Specific techniques that make for good game narrative (as well as pitfalls to avoid). / Thoughts on diversity/representation in games.


Ann Lemay (WB Games Montreal) Elize Morgan (Ubisoft) Jill Murray (Discoglobe Interactive) Kim Belair (Ubisoft) Lisa Hunter (Compulsion Games)