speaker Micro Beyond Screens: Bringing Games to the Real World
Game Design

Beyond Screens: Bringing Games to the Real World

Date : Tuesday, November 13th - 15.45 - 16.45 > 510D

Description: Immersive Experience Design is a field that game developers are starting to flock to. Bringing games and interaction to physical spaces. Now, with Mixed Reality technologies, game developers can start bringing everything they know about game development, to bring the Digital World to the Physical World. In this talk, developers will learn more about what is Immersive Design and Mixed Reality. And how to create experiences for the real world using Magic Leap One. We'll discuss examples of how Mixed Reality could be used, from Education, Theme Parks to Medical Science.

Targeted public: Game Designers, Programmers and Artists who are interested in how to bring games to the real world. This talk is intended for all levels.

Takeaways: Developers will learn about Immersive Experience design, and the opportunities to bring game development to the real world around them. Developers will learn how to do this through Mixed Reality technologies. How these new technologies work, and how to use them as a game developer.


Aleissia Laidacker (Magic Leap)