speaker Micro Building a Creative Future With Artificial Intelligence
Visual Arts

Building a Creative Future With Artificial Intelligence

Date : Monday, November 12th - 14.30 - 15.30 > 510B

Description: the session will break down into 3 categories all full of examples of potential applications of AI in production:
  • AI in Content Creation
  • AI at Runtime
  • AI as a Creative Partner
The first 2 are for the most part just the examples and ideas on where new technology will take us. The thired one is an exploration of the subject of collaboration between humans and AI with focus and what would be our role and how do we make sure we as individuals are always aware of where the value of what we create lies. Everyone not only deserves but needs to be part of this conversation.

Targeted public: anyone with interest in application of AI in game production and it's impact on the future of the creative process.

Takeaways: gain a fresh perspective on what the future involvement of Artificial Intelligence is going to be into the Creative Process of Developing Art and Video Games and how to make sure you are ready to make the most of it.


Andrew Maximov (Promethean AI)