speaker Micro Cutting the Vertical Slice
Production & Management

Cutting the Vertical Slice

Date : Monday, November 12th - 13.15 - 14.15 > 511D

Description: vertical slices require preparation, agility, and team size not usually possessed by the average indie team. The ideal vertical slice is representative of all of a game's content, but this requires a ton of pre-design and iteration that represents a rapidly increasing risk factor in a game's development. Concentrating on a slice that solves part of the experience but doesn't have all the answers allows devs to have something to show early on, but doesn't risk all development resources on prototyping end-game content. Let's quantify what is and isn't necessary in a proof of concept "slice."

Targeted public: beginner-to-intermediate producers and team leads. Attendees will have ideally had at least one production meeting with their current team and are aware of the concept of vertical slices and basic agile / scrum principles.

Takeaways: Why vertical slices are cost prohibitive and risky / Which content is important to solve for when building a proof of concept and which can wait / The (name not final) Emotional Slice, the point when the player is hooked but doesn't know everything. When does this happen, what are its traits?


Dave Proctor (Mighty Yell Studios)