speaker Micro Danger Zones: Spotting the Red Flags of Project Management
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Danger Zones: Spotting the Red Flags of Project Management

Date : Monday, November 12th - 11.00 - 12.00 > 511D

Description: Making a game is complicated! Doing it without a producer or project manager makes it tougher. Teams wrestle both with the details and the big picture at all times, and need to make sure all the pieces are fitting together. A producer can help clear that space, hold the bird's eye view of the project, and let you know when things are on track or slipping, so you can focus and successfully launch your game. This session will cover real-world examples from many projects, including SUPERHYPERCUBE, Tunic, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, etc. I'll talk a little about the projects I've worked on, the spaces I've held, and the in-hindsight obvious production warning signs/red flags I've had to learn about the hard way.

Targeted public: For all developers wrestling with project management, and especially producers or developers looking to hire production help.

  • Example red flags and warning signs
  • Understanding the things a producer realistically can and cannot do on your team
  • Learn how producers can effectively get in front of problems and help teams when slippage occurs
  • Cat pics, probably
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    Felix Kramer (Polytron)