speaker Micro Delivering Spatial Audio with Unity – powered by Dolby
Audio Expo session

Delivering Spatial Audio with Unity – powered by Dolby

Date : Tuesday, November 13th - 11.15 - 12.15 > Expo Session - Room 1

Description: Spatial audio can make your sound design more lifelike by rendering game objects precisely where you place them in the game environment -- including overhead and underfoot. Join Dolby and IRONARM Games for a session about creation and technology and learn what it takes to create Dolby Atmos content using the Microsoft Spatial Audio plug-in for Unity. At the conclusion of this talk you will have the basic information needed to create dynamic and 7.1.4 mixes to deliver stunning realism with smooth panning and audio on the height plane.

Targeted public: This talk is intended for anyone interested in more realistic audio in games, industry professional or students, all are welcome. Basic understanding of game audio and Unity would be helpful, but not required.

Takeaways: Attendees will gain a better understanding of Dolby Atmos spatial audio and how it can be used to enhance the overall story and user experience.


Andy Vaughan (Dolby) Chet Lucas (Ironarm Games) Gage Lucas (Ironarm Games)