speaker Micro Designing XR Experiences with Natural Language Understanding
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Designing XR Experiences with Natural Language Understanding

Date : Monday, November 12th - 11.00 - 12.00 > 511E

Description: designing complex interactions for XR headsets (MR/VR/AR) experiences can be challenging due to the limited input schemes. Keyword-based voice commands are helpful but can also be immersion-breaking and pose user adoption problems. Advances in Machine Learning allow developers to easily leverage Natural Language Understanding through reusable techniques. The XR+AI combination is a powerful integration that opens new possibilities for both enterprise and entertainment scenarios. This session is an exploration of how language understanding can be used to augment Mixed Reality & VR experiences.

Targeted public: this session assumes audience members are familiar with game design and game development. While the topic discussed is applicable to all forms of game development, familiarity with development for MR & VR headsets is preferred. A basic understanding of Machine Learning is helpful but not required.

Takeaways: natural Language Understanding can be used to build more immersive voice commands usable from within XR environments. Natural Language Understanding can lead to the creation of intelligent conversation assistants to be used as interactive entities in Mixed Reality & VR apps & games.


Nick Landry (Microsoft)