speaker Micro Game Dev Unions: Next Steps
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Game Dev Unions: Next Steps

Date : Tuesday, November 13th - 15.45 - 16.45 > 511A

Description: Unions come up again and again in game industry news and discussions as a possible solution to problems for workers, but none have yet seemed to take hold in North America. What benefits do unions offer? What are the next steps in taking action, in Montreal or elsewhere? What obstacles lie in our path? How can we learn from others who have successfully unionized? How is it different for AAAs and indies? In this panel, learn from existing game development-related unions (domestic and foreign) and hear what the future may hold.

Targeted public: For everyone!

  • better understanding of the way unions function
  • clearer ideas of how to get involved
  • resources for learning more about unionizing


Anna Scollan (Actra) Dietrich Squinkifer (Game Workers Unite) Katharine Neil (STJV) Myriame Lachapelle (Sauropod Studio)