speaker Micro Gameplay Gurus: Characters, Combat, and Leadership
Programming & Technology

Gameplay Gurus: Characters, Combat, and Leadership

Date : Tuesday, November 13th - 15.45 - 16.45 > 511E

Description: This panel will give insights into the craft of gameplay programming. Drawing on a combined 25 years of programming experience in games, discussion will include representatives from multiple studios discussing their successes and challenges. Panelists will give insights into workflows, feature implementation and trends in the games industry, as well as share tips on how to hone your programming skills and push your coding career to the next level.

Targeted public: For all programmers and developers focused on gameplay programming.

Takeaways: Insights on current trends and challenges in gameplay programming, especially with combat and characters.


Ashley Fairweather (LuckyHammers) Julia Perdigueiro (Nvizzio Creations) Réjean Charpentier (Red Barrels) Sarah Beck (EA Motive) Vincent Hippoman (Double Stallion Games)