speaker Micro Having more Control: Remedy’s next game
Game Design

Having more Control: Remedy’s next game

Date : Monday, November 12th - 14.30 - 15.30 > 510D

Description: In the previous years MIGS conferences, Remedy Entertainment has talked about how it has transformed from a single project studio to a multi-project, multiplatform organization and gone through an IPO to partly fund its new strategy. In 2018, we can finally talk about the first game borne under the new strategy, the multiplatform project Control. The presentation will go through the inception of Control from a creative and business standpoint, discuss how the unveiling of the game and what has gone right and wrong so far.

Targeted public: For producers, studio managers, communications/PR staff as well as developers as well who are interested in hearing how a new game IP gets it start and what the first year experience has been for publicly listed company.

Takeaways: Insight into how a new game IP gets its start, how an independent studio operates and what to consider when announcing a game.


Thomas Puha (Remedy Entertainment)