speaker Micro Help me out!: Designing for Team Awareness and Collaboration
Game Design

Help me out!: Designing for Team Awareness and Collaboration

Date : Tuesday, November 13th - 13.15 - 14.15 > 510D

Description: in team-based activities such as sports, teammates develop situation awareness about each other’s location, status, and actions through cues such as gaze direction and ambient noise. To support situation awareness, multiplayer games provide awareness cues—information that games automatically make available to players to support cooperative gameplay. The design of awareness cues can be extremely complex, impacting how players experience games and work with teammates. This talk will focus on existing awareness research as well as the design of team awareness tools and collaboration tools.

Targeted public: game designers and player researchers. General game design and user experience design knowledge is helpful but not required.

Takeaways: overview of existing team awareness design frameworks. / Discussion of player motivations for communicating using tools like pings. / A new design framework for of awareness cues. / A discussion of how the presented information can be used in identifying and communicating awareness tool designs.


Jason Wuertz (University of New Brunswick)