speaker Micro How Games Get Signed: Unpacking the Publisher Evaluation
Business & Marketing

How Games Get Signed: Unpacking the Publisher Evaluation

Date : Tuesday, November 13th - 10.00 - 11.00 > 511B

Description: with thousands of game pitches being made every year, its important to consider the process and decision-making behind publishers and what bests position a game for a publishing offer. From the first email to the pitch deck to the publishing ask, every step of a publishing conversation is important to craft and consider. With real examples of developer pitches at their best (and worst), meetings that have gone wonderfully right (and terribly wrong), this talk aims to unpack the details on game evaluation and how developers can best ready themselves for an amazing publishing conversation.

Targeted public: independent game developers and teams looking to find insight into publishers and investors, getting a real sense of the publishing process and how they can best cater their game pitch to publishers.

Takeaways: a strong understanding of the inner workings of a publisher for developers looking to align with a publisher, investor, or other group to make their game successful.


John Cooney (Kongregate)