speaker Micro Injecting Motion: Procedural Animation in Unreal Engine
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Injecting Motion: Procedural Animation in Unreal Engine

Date : Tuesday, November 13th - 13.15 - 14.15 > 510B

Description: Pouches, Backpacks, Hair & Chains. This session will break down the Unreal Engine's various blueprints, nodes, and tools used by Epic Games to create dynamic procedural movement.

Targeted public: Intended for Game Developers with interest in the Unreal Engine, Animation Systems, and Technical Animation. This talk will offer an insight on how procedural animation systems touch upon multiple areas of the development process, and will be useful for developers of all experience levels.

Takeaways: A basic understanding of how the developers at Epic Games tackle procedural animation, and a deeper knowledge of how the Unreal Engine facilitates this process.


Harry Boltz (Epic Games)