speaker Micro Mastering the Creative Process

Mastering the Creative Process

Date : Tuesday, November 13th - 10.00 - 11.00 > 511F

Description: the creative process; elusive and intangible. Even for the most seasoned professional, the creative process is something we, as human beings, can’t control, but only participate in. Creative Pros need to harness this creative process in a predictable way so that they can deliver their work on time. Veteran Game Composer, Tom Salta, will offer a rare glimpse into his creative process by sharing an revealing play-by-play account of the creation of the 60 minute score to “Halo Spartan Assault” offering rare insights that composers are generally too busy, or too secretive to share.

Targeted public: any all all audio pros at all levels

Takeaways: understanding how one veteran game composer journeys through the creative process and delivers / Being able to understand and utilize techniques for maximizing creative output / Seeing the often torturous process that we all go through as creative pros


Tom Salta (Persist Music)