speaker Micro Mock Reviews 101: What, Why, Where, and What You Can Expect
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Mock Reviews 101: What, Why, Where, and What You Can Expect

Date : Tuesday, November 13th - 11.15 - 12.15 > 511B

Description: The session is a detailed discussion of the mock review process, consisting of how it works, what developers can expect, how I build a report, how the Metascore is derived, sales forecast elements, review score elements, etcetera. The lecture will also include a deconstruction of the mock review process, including: What developers should ask for, and what they should expect. The larger, overall goal of the lecture is an exploration of why doing mock tests of games is important. The gist, for me, is that I tell developers where the mines are buried in the media minefield.

Targeted public: The audience is: anyone who has 1. made a game, or 2. considered making a game. Either party should familiarize themselves with the mock review process.

Takeaways: What is a mock review? How do developers find mock reviewers? What should they expect from mock reviewers? What type of fees will the mock reviewer expect? What should developers expect from the process? How tailor-made is the process?


Scott Jones (ACME Consulting)