speaker Micro Paint It Black: The Art and Design of Darkest Dungeon
Visual Arts

Paint It Black: The Art and Design of Darkest Dungeon

Date : Monday, November 12th - 17.00 - 18.00 > 510B

Description: Darkest Dungeon's art style, broken heroes, and morbid monsters were no accident! Careful deliberation and a rigorous commitment to expressing a singular creative direction underscore the game's art and design at every turn. From Lepers to Plague Doctors, Creative Director and Artist Chris Bourassa illuminates the influences, narrative goals, and production considerations that formed the title's striking art and iconic character designs.

Targeted public: this talk is intended for artists, art directors, designers and creative directors. A basic familiarity with game production, and an interest in the art and design of games are assets, but no strict prerequisites are required. Attendees are welcome to bring torches, antivenom and laudanum.

Takeaways: this talk endeavors to underscore the value of solid creative direction, and its impact on art direction, character design, gameplay and iconography. Character design in particular is discussed in some detail.


Chris Bourassa (Red Hook Studios)