speaker Micro Speech Synthesis for the Gaming Industry

Speech Synthesis for the Gaming Industry

Date : Tuesday, November 13th - 15.45 - 16.45 > 511F

Description: The presentation covers recent advancements at La Forge, Ubisoft’s research lab, regarding speech synthesis. We will present the history of speech synthesis technology leading to the latest neural-based models. We will talk about our experience with the implementation and deployment of neural-based solutions. We will analyze requirements and quality through examples generated using our system. Finally, we will discuss current limitations and challenges as well as current and foreseen uses for the gaming industry.

Targeted public: The presentation will be for everyone. No prior knowledge required.

Takeaways: Speech synthesis is already an important tool for game design. The realism of the voices increases every day. There are still important challenges ahead. In the future, when coupled with natural language processing, this will be a major disruption in the industry.


Marc-André Carbonneau (Ubisoft Montreal)