speaker Micro Swinging in the Rain: Marvel’s Spider-Man
Visual Arts

Swinging in the Rain: Marvel’s Spider-Man

Date : Monday, November 12th - 13.15 - 14.15 > 510B

Description: in this session Chris Perrella, Senior Graphics Technical Artist at Insomniac Games, will focus on render techniques used to bring rain to Marvel’s Spider-Man's New York City. He will discuss the artistic and technical aspects of the methods used and the challenges faced in creating procedural wet surfaces, droplets and dynamic splashing.

Targeted public: generally intended for artists with a technical background, but will also be of interest to individuals of all levels seeking to better understand the intersection of art and technology in current game development. Some knowledge of physically based shading and realtime rendering is prefered.

Takeaways: the talk will provide performant tips for applying procedural material effects, as well as insights into Insomniac Game’s approach to render and tech-art features, and implementation.


Chris Perrella (Insomniac Games)