speaker Micro The Rules of Art: Creating a Brand Style Guide for Games
Visual Arts

The Rules of Art: Creating a Brand Style Guide for Games

Date : Monday, November 12th - 11.00 - 12.00 > 510B

Description: every game has an identity. The strength of this identity relies on the visual branding of the game. Whether it's the typography used in a million dollar advertising campaign or the colors used in an indie games logo - the branding style guide is the rule-set that defines a games voice. Alexander Karpazis is Art Director for Presentation at Ubisoft Montreal. Learn about the process of building, enforcing cohesion, and the lessons learned producing Style Guides for AAA games from franchises like Watch Dogs, Far Cry and Rainbow 6. Targeted public: this topic covers visual arts, graphic design and brand marketing, and will appeal to disciplines with an art and branding focus. However, no previous knowledge in visual design or marketing is needed. Takeaways: explore examples of style guides produced for AAA games / Definitions of what the essential building blocks for a style guide is / What are the Does and Don'ts of writing a style guide / The knowledge needed to produce a style guide for projects


Alexander Karpazis (Ubisoft Montreal)