speaker Micro You, Your Community, and Your Career
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You, Your Community, and Your Career

Date : Monday, November 12th - 13.15 - 14.15 > 511A

Description: as an indie based in a flyover state Jarryd Huntley will take some time to explore what it's like to make games in Cleveland, Ohio. His path in game development is inextricably tried traveling, and to the growth and investment in the local game development scene in Cleveland. Jarryd will also discuss how that affected the development of his game Art Club Challenge and things you can do to help foster a growing independent game development community.

Targeted public: anyone involved in independent game development, working on a solo(or small team), or people interested in growing a game development community. Jarryd will give a number of tips on working on games with small teams and for connecting with people outside traditional game development "hotspots".

Takeaways: you'll walk away with a number of tools you can apply to your projects, techniques to work on with your team, and things you can do to help grow your game development community.


Jarryd Huntley (Polytundra LLC / LCCC)