I’ve been working audio since 2003. I began my career working in linear media with an interest in music composition and sound design. I worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation mixing sound for television before making the switch to video games in 2011 when I started with Ubisoft Quebec. Since then I’ve worked as a Sound Designer on ACIII and AC Blackflag before specializing in voice design for ACSyndicate, and now ACOdyssey. I love conceptualizing the narrative/audio workflow and I enjoy the challenge that AAA video game production offers.

Greig Newby sessions

Tips & Tricks for Dialog Success in Open World Games
Monday, November 12th

Description: Voice Designers from Ubisoft who’ve worked on titles such as Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Assassins Creed & The Division discuss how they go about aiming for success in dialogue in our huge dialogue rich open-world games. A panel discussion ranging from recording approaches and logistics, scoping the projects, ai bark systems, editorial and all […]