Jesse Divnich has over 17 years experience as a leader in the video game industry. Mr. Divnich has held many key influencing roles in the industry. He is most known for being part of the executive founding team at EEDAR (acquired by The NPD Group). A founding board member and VP at Tilting Point, a successful mobile game publisher. A consultant and advisory board member of GameRefinery, setting new standards on how we dissect the mobile games market. Lastly, Mr. Divnich is an avid speaker with the goal of being a thought provoker and educator to other industry professionals.

Jesse Divnich sessions

East vs. West: The Differences in F2P Mobile Game Design and How You Can Benefit
Monday, November 12th

Description: Predicting how the F2P mobile market will evolve in the West is a constant exercise. However, the Eastern F2P markets have always been years ahead of the West. Could a lot of our pain points on evolutionary game design be solved by simply analyzing the Eastern markets? We know so. By analyzing and dissecting […]