My role is to understand people and help them understand each other so we can make great games. People are really complicated, and my favourite challenge is identifying the interests of stakeholders and coalescing them into an actionable plan. When life is good, I write and make games about things that matter like cats, femmes, and cookies. When life is messy, I offer critical responses to game makers and media focusing on ethics and diversity in games.

I have studied video game theory, ethics, identity politics, and gaming communities through the Philosophy Master’s program at the University of Alberta. As a result of this research and industry consulting work, I have some unique experience analyzing video games according to specific criteria pertaining to qualitative and quantitative aspects of game play, marketing, and narrative, as well as communicating research to non-academics. My expertise centers on all aspects of ethics, identity, and diversity in game design and marketing choices.

Jessica Moore sessions

So you wrote a safer space policy... now what?
Monday, November 12th

Description: now more than ever the game industry is aware of the need for safe and effective policies for managing conduct issues within studios and community events. This workshop will guide participants through the process of obtaining and enforcing a code of conduct for their organization. No one ever wants to have to confront harassment […]