Laurent joined Ubisoft Montréal in 2011 as a programmer and worked closely with game productions in order to facilitate co-development and increase productivity. Taking the plunge in game productions, Laurent is now part of For Honor as Online Project Lead, leading the online team through the transformation of the network architecture from peer to peer to dedicated servers, and ensuring the game has a solid framework which can be operated in a Game-as-a-Service model.

Laurent Chouinard sessions

Transforming from Peer-to-Peer to Dedicated Servers on a Live game: how For Honor fixed connectivity
Tuesday, November 13th

Description: On launch day, the For Honor team suddenly discovered that many players were having connectivity issues, something that had not been seen in any live testing phases. This gave birth to Project Onion: converting the live game to dedicated servers. In this presentation, Laurent covers 3 aspects of this project: – How come we […]