Lionel Barret loves building systems, since the day he made his first PC displays a pixelated sphere on the screen. “The music of ideas” like Alan Kay would say. The closest thing to magic we have, the things that can change the way people work and play.

After being a coder in a AAA Studio, he founded Gamr7 to build a procedural generation middleware. This venture lasted 6 years, with many customers in and out the game industry. He has been also a consultant and a teacher on these subjects. He is now working on the procedural generation systems at Compulsion Games.

Lionel Barret de Nazaris sessions

Adapting The Procedural Generation Systems in We Happy Few
Monday, November 12th

Description: We Happy Few has changed a lot during its 4 year development. Starting from a small 3D rogue-like with little or no story, it grew tremendously as a title thanks to the added story elements and gameplay mechanics. The world is We Happy Few was originally fully procedural. But as the scope of the […]