Dr. Matthew White is a games industry professional with 10 years experience in the player insights and analytics space, with a career spanning academia, AAA development, and independent studios and startups. Dr. White has worked on numerous shipped games from Volition, Playstation, Deep Silver, and more. His work centers around using quantitative data to make predictions and insights about player behavior.

With two other professors, he developed Penn State’s game development program, and in his spare time runs an indie accelerator in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Matthew White sessions

Telemetry Pipeline Execution: Instrumentation and Analytics for Better Games
Monday, November 12th

Description: telemetry, analytics, and data science are big, expensive, time consuming tasks in the games industry. Given that independent game developers often find themselves torn between whether to include a new shader in favor of putting together a desk or paying the rent, they often find themselves excluded from indie games. Unfortunately, this means that […]