After a stint in journalism covering games and technology, Nathaniel joined Riot Games. In his half-decade there he’s pitched in on writing and communications strategy for dang near every part of League of Legends. After that game of pinball around League, he found a cozy home guiding publishing and policy for Riot’s player behavior efforts. Nathaniel’s academic background is in history and political science and he believes game designers would probably be better at writing policy than politicians.

Nathaniel Wattenmaker sessions

Toxicity in 2018 - Don't Be Afraid to Engage With Your Community
Tuesday, November 13th

Description: this panel will take a look at best practices of how to engage communities in difficult times, and will use examples from various game genres that are engaging and creating content in meaningful ways. Targeted public: this will be targeted at any game designer, live producer, or community manager who is working on creating […]