Nicholas Lovell is a game designer and consultant who specializes in service and F2P games.

His website, Gamesbrief, has been a resource for F2P game design since 2008. He is the author of The Curve (Penguin), The Pyramid of Game Design (CRC Press) and The F2P Toolbox (GAMESbrief).

Clients have included Rovio, Exient, CCP, Firefly Studios, Square Enix, Electric Square, and many others.

Nicholas is a non-executive director of Spilt Milk Studios, developer of Lazarus.

Nicholas Lovell sessions

The Session: the atomic unit of free-to-play success
Monday, November 12th

Description: A successful F2P game has to make players open the game, have fun, leave and COME BACK, over and over again. Traditional game design techniques overlook the importance of a fast on-ramp that eases players into the game, that delivers a rewarding experience and, crucially, nudges the players out of the game again. In […]