Nick Landry is a mobility pioneer and former entrepreneur specializing in solving technical problems via Mixed Reality, AI and the cloud. Nick works at Microsoft in Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) as a Senior Mixed Reality Software Engineer in the New York Metro area, focusing on HoloLens & VR.
Known for his dynamic and engaging style, he is a frequent speaker at major software development conferences worldwide, is an active Open Source contributor, and has over 25 years of professional experience. He is an active coder, occasional author, avid gamer, loving husband and proud father.

Nick Landry sessions

Designing XR Experiences with Natural Language Understanding
Monday, November 12th

Description: designing complex interactions for XR headsets (MR/VR/AR) experiences can be challenging due to the limited input schemes. Keyword-based voice commands are helpful but can also be immersion-breaking and pose user adoption problems. Advances in Machine Learning allow developers to easily leverage Natural Language Understanding through reusable techniques. The XR+AI combination is a powerful integration […]