Anne Gibeault

Anne Gibeault started working in the video game industry 14 years ago. She has worked in both artistic and managerial roles. First as a 3D animator and lead animator, then as a production manager, associate producer and finally producer, for companies such as Digital Fiction, Ubisoft and Red Barrels. The video game titles she worked on includes Splinter Cell, Far Cry, Just Dance, Outlast and Prince of Persia. She is now the creative lead and president of Epsilon Games, working on their first title Train to Primus Vita, a sci-fi first-person video game.

Jessica Moore

My role is to understand people and help them understand each other so we can make great games. People are really complicated, and my favourite challenge is identifying the interests of stakeholders and coalescing them into an actionable plan. When life is good, I write and make games about things that matter like cats, femmes, and cookies. When life is messy, I offer critical responses to game makers and media focusing on ethics and diversity in games.

I have studied video game theory, ethics, identity politics, and gaming communities through the Philosophy Master’s program at the University of Alberta. As a result of this research and industry consulting work, I have some unique experience analyzing video games according to specific criteria pertaining to qualitative and quantitative aspects of game play, marketing, and narrative, as well as communicating research to non-academics. My expertise centers on all aspects of ethics, identity, and diversity in game design and marketing choices.

EMi Spicer

EMiSpicer is a thirty-something good-for-nothing video game vagabond based out of New York. She is best known for her work as a documentarian photographer, events organizer, and social media manger. She has been affiliated with groups such as Feminist Frequency, GameTheory, Babycastles, Pulsewave, Fantastic Arcade, Different Games, IndieCade, and more. Sometimes she talks too much.

Rebecca Cohen-Palacios

Rebecca Cohen Palacios is the co-founder and director of the non-profit organization, Pixelles. Internationally recognized, Pixelles focuses on empowering more women in the games industry through 100% free workshops, mentorship, creation & portfolio-building programs, mid-career support, inclusive socials and online community for everyone.

Annually, she co-organizes the unconference GameLoop Montréal which fosters low-key discussions and sharing around topics in game development. Rebecca also coordinates a grassroots community for game developers of color in Montreal, Game & Color. In addition to community organizing, Rebecca is an experienced public speaker and advocate for diversity & inclusion.

Outside of her advocacy and volunteer work, Rebecca is a technical user interface artist in AAA games. She has shipped games on mobile and console such as Assassin’s Creed Origins, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Shape Up and more. Before her time in the games industry, Rebecca spent six years designing and programming user interfaces for apps, websites, as well as, a variety of digital experiences.

Jarryd Huntley

Jarryd Huntley, a Civic Tech Fellow at Microsoft, plays important roles in Cleveland’s game development scene as both an academic by teaching game development at Lorain County Community College, and as an independent game developer. His studio, Polytundra LLC, just released their debut title Art Club Challenge.

With talks at universities and conferences(including IndieCade and GDC), he brings a unique perspective by drawing on his experiences from software engineering and as a professional musician. He recently finished co-authoring his first book, Game Programming for Artists, available now.

Jayson Hilchie

Jayson Hilchie, President and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, will present the latest research on the Canadian gamer, including gaming habits and demographic data.

Jacob Navok

Jacob is CEO of Genvid Technologies. Prior to co-founding Genvid, he was Senior Vice President at Square Enix subsidiary Shinra Technologies, Inc. and Director of Business Development at Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd.