Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney is the founder and CEO of Epic Games, the company behind Unreal Engine technology as well as games such as Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, and Fortnite. Sweeney started Epic in 1991 with the release of its first shareware game, and then wrote much of the first-generation Unreal Engine. He has led the company through the eras of PC, console, mobile, and online gaming.

Victoria Tran

Victoria Tran is the Community Developer at Kitfox Games, a small indie team in Montreal, Canada creating and publishing worlds such as Boyfriend Dungeon, Six Ages, The Shrouded Isle, Moon Hunters, and more. She has worked as a community consultant for games such as Omensight by Spearhead Games and was the Social Media Specialist for Episode: Choose Your Story. In her spare time, she writes and manages PeachbuttComics, a humorous webcomic about the experiences of being a woman in the games industry.

Yifat Shaik

Yifat is a game designer and artist working on creating autobiographical games and subversive art, currently working as a professor of game design and 3D modeling at York University. Yifat organized of Different Games in Toronto, is co-director of Dame Making Games and is currently working on The Mattress of St. Dundas, a game about gentrification in Toronto and The Medium is the Message, a series of small games which are done in nontraditional game engines.

Kate Gray

Kate Gray is a Narrative Director at Montreal-based studio, KO_OP Mode, known for their last release, GNOG. She is currently working on an exciting, yet secret project, after moving from the UK to Montreal a year ago. She is also an award-winning games journalist, with bylines on Kotaku, The Guardian, PC Gamer and many more. Her main area of interest is romance, sex, and sexuality in games, although she also covers indie games extensively. She previously worked for Xbox and GameSpot.

Forrest Dowling

Forrest is a game designer and team leader with experience ranging from huge AAA teams to a tiny indie. Since 2014 he’s served as the president and designer for The Molasses Flood, an independent team of former AAA developers who debuted with The Flame in the Flood. Prior to that he was the lead level designer on BioShock Infinite at Irrational Games, and on Homefront and Frontlines at Kaos Studios. He loves dogs, cooking, and travel, and hates writing bios in the 3rd person.

Mark Val

Mark ran multimillion user online projects. Entrepreneur, an award-winning developer with 19 years of experience. Produced and directed many projects for corporations, private and public organizations around the world. In the gaming industries, Mark built studios for Ubisoft, Unity Technologies and grew PlayFab from 0 to more than half of the global high-profile games. Previously General Manager of Europe at PlayFab and now PlayFab Engagement Manager at Microsoft.

Shawn Allen

Shawn makes (often political) art in the way of games (both digital and non), photography, poetry, and dystopian fiction. He is currently making the dark comedy tactical beat ‘em up Treachery in Beatdown City, and is perpetually looking for spaces to exhibit the graffiti turf warfare game Corporate Vandals. Always support #blackgamedev

Nick Laing

Nick Laing is a Game Producer who has worked on all types of projects, from small award winning edu-tainment games about learning math or flying with PBS dragons to huge AAA franchises from EA, EA SPORTS and Microsoft. During his career he’s spent most of it helping game teams reach their best and deliver great games. Prior to Video Games he worked as Illustrator for comic books so according to his parents, he’s never had a “Real Job”.

Mikael Haveri

Mikael Haveri is the Head of Self-Publishing at Housemarque.
Handling the product life cycle from early concept and pitching to branding and market launch.
Currently managing the pivot from “King of Arcade” to a further reaching, gameplay centric, powerhouse for the next 20 years of Housemarque.