Ryan Clark

A veteran independent game developer, Ryan Clark has been creating award winning games since 2004, including ‘Crypt of the NecroDancer’, ‘IncrediBots’, ‘Professor Fizzwizzle’, and many more. With biweekly game industry analysis streams on Twitch, frequent speaking engagements, detailed Gamasutra articles, and numerous volunteer roles, Ryan is heavily involved in the independent games community. Ryan is also the co-founder of a technology and creativity focused school called Claren Academy in Vancouver, Canada, where he lives with his wife and two young sons.

Scott Jones

Scott C. Jones is a TV host, writer, public speaker from NYC, and professional consultant. He calls Toronto/Montreal his home(s) now. He’s reviewed more games in the past 12 years than anyone else on the planet. He recently launched his podcast, Heavily Pixelated, which explores the positive sides of gaming. TRIVIA: Game developers are among Scott’s favorite human beings on earth.

Tammy Levy

Tammy heads Kongregate’s Insights and Data Analytics team. Via an analytics-driven approach, the team helps optimize engagement, retention and monetization for game developers and our platform and marketing teams. Before Kongregate Tammy worked on multiple games as a Producer and PM at Zynga. She is an ex-pro fencer, home cook in training and avid Snoopy collector.

Matthew Compher

Level designer and part-time Technical Designer. Studied Mathematics Education, but joined Tarsier Studios in 2011 to work on the LittleBigPlanet franchise as a level designer. Works remotely from the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Married to high-school sweetheart, and has a 2-year old son. More obsessed with Lego than a 30-year old man should be.

Aleissia Laidacker

Aleissia is a game programmer and designer who has been working as a developer for almost 20 years and developed games at Ubisoft for 10 of them. She was Lead AI on multiple Assassin’s Creed games. Recently she has made the jump from video games to Mixed Reality, joining Magic Leap as Interaction Director for their San Francisco office. There, her team focuses on finding innovative ways to create rich immersive experiences focused on player interaction and design. She is also Director for Mixed Flour, where her company creates Immersive Experiences that bring together Food and Technology.

Chris Bourassa

Chris Bourassa (@BourassaArt) is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Red Hook Studios where he works like a maniac on Darkest Dungeon – the studio’s first game. Chris has been a professional art director and concept artist for 12 years, contributing to a wide variety of videogames, animated TV shows, and pen-and-paper games. He loves all things dark and macabre, and his favorite game is Thief 2.

Gavin Goulden

Gavin Goulden is the Lead Character Artist for Insomniac Games, working on the exciting new Spider-Man title for the PS4, previously having been the Character Lead on “Sunset Overdrive.” With nearly 15 years of experience, Gavin has contributed to projects such as BioShock Infinite, Dead Rising 2, The Bigs 2, F.E.A.R.2, Dragon Age, Damnation, among other titles. Along with being a games industry veteran, Gavin is also the author of “3D Masterclass: The Swordmaster” (A tutorial book published by 3DTotal Publishing) as well as contributing over two dozen articles to 3DArist Magazine.

Andrew Maximov

Game Industry Veteran, Technical Art Director, a former Naughty Dog, Andrew pushed cutting edge pipelines that powered some of the most complex productions in the world. Develop and Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30, artist, programmer, consultant, entrepreneur and speaker at Computer Graphics events all across the globe, for years he has been fighting for democratizing the creative process, supporting artists and empowering creativity within every single person.

Now as Promethean AI team we are embracing that challenge for good.

Crystin Cox

Crystin Cox has been making games for 14 years. She has worked in design leadership and monetization design on some of the most successful MMORPGs in the world for companies like Nexon, Disney, and NCSoft. She joined the ArenaNet team in 2012 where she has helped launch and maintain Guild Wars 2. She continues to work as a design leader at ArenaNet where she is attempting to teach as many designers as possible how to calculate a demand curve.