Vincent Hippoman

As a child, Vince liked to eat pure salt. Today, Vince is a Co-Founder and Senior Programmer at Double Stallion Games. He worked on touch-control brawler Big Action Mega Fight!, Cartoon Network’s action-adventure OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, and most recently the super-fast 2D beat-em-up Speed Brawl, on which he was responsible for the design and implementation of the combat system. Vince has an enviable understanding and love of many modern combat systems, his favourite being Super Smash Bros., Monster Hunter, Bayonetta, and the Batman Arkham Series. Furthermore, Vince contributed to systems and features related to AI behaviour, equipment, skill trees, networking, difficulty/economy balancing, and level design. Vince likes feature implementation to be productive and constantly challenges himself to find methods to produce better results with greater efficiency. Vince enjoys good food, good people, and doing good for the world. His mains are Link, Charge Blade, and Ebba & Bia.

Ashley Fairweather

Ashley Fairweather is currently working as a programmer at LuckyHammers and has been in the game industry since 2010. She has worked on several mobile games and has recently contributed to the digital version of Terraforming Mars. She has also briefly worked as an indie developer on very small mobile titles. Ashley’s programming passions include gameplay, data systems, and tools. When she’s not deep-diving into code, you can find her baking game-inspired french macarons or hanging out in Azeroth.

Réjean Charpentier

Réjean Charpentier is the lead programmer at Red Barrels. Following some notable internships at Microsoft and Ubisoft, he officially started his career at EA Montreal in 2007 and contributed to several games such as Skate It, Army of Two, its sequel The 40th Day, and let’s not forget Boogie. After the regrettable shelving of an unannounced project, he left for THQ Montreal, helped finalize Homefront and was assisting in getting Patrice Désilet’s project off the ground when he received a call from previous EAM coworkers. They were seeking a technical partner to join in their new indie company named after cliched explosive props, and so in 2012 began the development of Outlast.
Six years, two games and some 15 million copies later, Réjean is still striving to convert code and coffee into terrifying fun.

Sarah Beck

Sarah Beck is an online software developer at EA Motive in Montreal. She has previous worked at BioWare Edmonton on Mass Effect Andromeda and since 2017 has been contributing to a series of undisclosed projects at EA.

Julia Perdigueiro

Computer Engineer and all purpose programmer with over 10 years of experience, working in the video games industry for the past 5 years. Formerly the lead programmer on RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, a successful simulation game for mobile developed by Nvizzio Creations and published by Atari.

Jesse Divnich

Jesse Divnich has over 17 years experience as a leader in the video game industry. Mr. Divnich has held many key influencing roles in the industry. He is most known for being part of the executive founding team at EEDAR (acquired by The NPD Group). A founding board member and VP at Tilting Point, a successful mobile game publisher. A consultant and advisory board member of GameRefinery, setting new standards on how we dissect the mobile games market. Lastly, Mr. Divnich is an avid speaker with the goal of being a thought provoker and educator to other industry professionals.

David Lesperance

David Lesperance is a CG Artist who has worked in the CG entertainment field for almost 13 years. He has a degree in Fine Arts and is active in the CG community. David is currently with NVIDIA. David’s game experience includes work on Mortal Kombat DC, Tony Hawk Ride and StarCraft 2. His experience also includes work with Blizzard Entertainment’s cinematic division, on such titles as Diablo 3, WoW Cataclysm, and the StarCraft projects, Valve Software and Riot Games.

Thierry Boulanger

As a lead developer, I had the chance to contribute to many high end products for world class clients such as Lego, Disney, Oddworld, Electronic Arts and Activision. This came along with the chance to travel and share ideas with top-tier creative heads around the world. Over that decade, I discovered an interest for sharing my experience, and decided to dive into the entrepreneurial life through PLÉ, a gamification agency. After a year learning the ropes of the business world, the last piece of my long term career goals came together when I co-founded Sabotage, an indie game studio.

Wilson Mui

As Animation Director for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Wilson has been with the production since conception. No stranger to the franchise, Wilson was also a co-animation director on the critically acclaimed Rise of the Tomb Raider and shaped the vision on Thief since starting with Eidos Montreal in 2010. With over 15 years of experience in animation, he has contributed to numerous television and film productions before re-focusing his passion to video games. Before directing, Wilson was animating on multiple AAA franchises including Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia, and Farcry among others.