Tiago Tex Pine

I am Data Analyst and Game Designer, and my goal is to learn and master Artificial Intelligence applied to the games industry and the game business in general.

Across 13+ years, I led or contributed for the development of 20+ games across several platforms, with teams up to 60 people. In the last 7+ years, I have been working with the Free-to-Play business model, focused on economy design and data science to create and balance features, with insights from real player behavior.

Jason Wuertz

Jason Wuertz is a graduate student in Computer Science at the University of New Brunswick. Jason works in the UNB Human-Computer Interaction Lab, where he and his colleagues research game-based collaboration and play balancing, building games for health and wellness, and mixed reality for collaborative work and play. For the past 3 years, Jason’s research has focused on understanding how games support collaboration and how players use collaboration tools.

Marion Esquian

Marion is currently a game and level designer at Tribute Games. Before that she worked as an indie developer and worked at Juicy Beast Studio as a UI/UX designer. She’s also one of the coordinator of Pixelles, an organisation who helps more women and marginalized people getting into the game industry.

Jeet Niyogi

Jeet Niyogi is the Marketing Director of Playtika Montreal and leads the marketing team for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) free-to-play game. Currently the #1 downloaded and grossing free poker app in the US and many countries, WSOP has seen significant growth in its active user base and revenue under Jeet’s innovative approach. His relentless focus on “measurable marketing” has led to sizeable growth in the products or services with which he has been associated at EA, Autodesk, Oracle and now Playtika. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and MBA from McGill University.

John Cooney

John Cooney is Senior Manager of Business Development at Kongregate and was responsible for establishing their premium games publishing business. Previously he was Head of Game Development at Armor Games. As an indie developer he’s worked on and published hundreds of titles, with total plays and downloads reaching into the billions. He’s awfully positive about indies and focused in making gaming a more positive and inclusive space.

Samuel Laflamme

Samuel Laflamme is a composer who has strengthened projects across the film, television and video game worlds. Most recently, has been hard at work creating the score for Outlast 2, which is set for a release in spring 2017. He has collaborated with many of the top video game companies in the industry, including Ubisoft, Activision, and Red Barrels Games. Samuel’s other credits include French Canadian dramatic comedy series Le Chalet, along with the 2016 Canadian-American co-production, fantasy film Wait Till Helen Comes, based on Mary Downing Hahn’s best-selling novel from the 1980’s.

Michel April

As a talented composer, arranger and producer Michel F. April constantly seeks innovation. Dynamic and creative, he collaborates enthusiastically in each project he undertakes, distinguishing himself by the human touch with which he approaches his work, as he likes to back up and support artists with whom he works.