Shawn Laptiste

Shawn Laptiste is known for his laugh, having an affinity for beautiful sounds, and caring about clean code. With almost 2 decades in computer music tinkering and approximately 15 years in professional software development, his experience is a Venn diagram with audio software at its intersection.

Laurent Chouinard

Laurent joined Ubisoft Montréal in 2011 as a programmer and worked closely with game productions in order to facilitate co-development and increase productivity. Taking the plunge in game productions, Laurent is now part of For Honor as Online Project Lead, leading the online team through the transformation of the network architecture from peer to peer to dedicated servers, and ensuring the game has a solid framework which can be operated in a Game-as-a-Service model.

Lionel Barret de Nazaris

Lionel Barret loves building systems, since the day he made his first PC displays a pixelated sphere on the screen. “The music of ideas” like Alan Kay would say. The closest thing to magic we have, the things that can change the way people work and play.

After being a coder in a AAA Studio, he founded Gamr7 to build a procedural generation middleware. This venture lasted 6 years, with many customers in and out the game industry. He has been also a consultant and a teacher on these subjects. He is now working on the procedural generation systems at Compulsion Games.

Matthew White

Dr. Matthew White is a games industry professional with 10 years experience in the player insights and analytics space, with a career spanning academia, AAA development, and independent studios and startups. Dr. White has worked on numerous shipped games from Volition, Playstation, Deep Silver, and more. His work centers around using quantitative data to make predictions and insights about player behavior.

With two other professors, he developed Penn State’s game development program, and in his spare time runs an indie accelerator in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Chris Shankland

Chris Shankland is a programmer on the platform team at Big Viking Games and spends his days building the systems and libraries that are used extensively throughout Big Viking’s HTML5 game platform: Valhalla.

Nick Landry

Nick Landry is a mobility pioneer and former entrepreneur specializing in solving technical problems via Mixed Reality, AI and the cloud. Nick works at Microsoft in Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) as a Senior Mixed Reality Software Engineer in the New York Metro area, focusing on HoloLens & VR.
Known for his dynamic and engaging style, he is a frequent speaker at major software development conferences worldwide, is an active Open Source contributor, and has over 25 years of professional experience. He is an active coder, occasional author, avid gamer, loving husband and proud father.

Dan Buckstein

Dan holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Game Development & Entrepreneurship from UOIT. His programming and development interests are 3D math-heavy, namely graphics, animation and AR/VR/MR programming. This is demonstrated through his passion for designing and creating high- and low-level tools and frameworks in both industry and academic contexts. Dan’s passion for programming intertwines with his passion for teaching and he is always looking for innovative ways to deliver course content. A true tinkerer, Dan happily explores new and exciting code trends.

Guillaume Turmel

Guillaume Turmel started his career in video games at Ubisoft Montreal after completing his master degree in project management. Armed with an MBA, he then decided to challenge himself and export his skills abroad at Riot Games HQ in California.

With a decade of experience in managing various teams in different industries, Guillaume puts his various experience in crafting successful cross-functional team to deliver awesome stuff.

Leonardo Luz

Leonardo B Luz is a UX Designer with 6 years experience in the field and is currently working for for Square Enix Montreal. He has worked on multiple mobile games for brands such as Disney, Amazon and Cartoon Network.

Leonardo has a M.A. Communication (Media and Experience Design), a B.A. Communication (Interaction Design) and a Technical DEC in Graphic Design.

Edgar Parente

Having grown up around computers and video games, Edgar developed a strong affinity for them. He programmed on the Coco 2 at a young age and continued to be interested in programming and design. He started at one of, if not the first Indie in Montreal: Wicked Studios. he worked a little bit in web and flash and returned to PC and console games at Cyanide Montreal, and as an original member of Rogue Factor. He remains dedicated to Indie development. His current project is in Unreal Engine, but he’s also worked with in house engines and Unity.