Pat King lives in Northampton, Massachusetts. Pat began his career in games as an audio engineer, designer and producer for smaller indie studios in the mid-2000s. In 2009, Pat joined HitPoint Studios where he has continued his role in production, sound and game design. In 2014, Pat founded Woodpenny, his own digital & physical game development studio. Later that same year, Pat co-founded a community group called the Pioneer Valley Game Developers (PVGD), which now boasts over 300 members. Thanks to the success of the community, in August of 2017, Pat and a few other members were able to open a collaborative workspace for game developers in western Massachusetts called Another Castle.

Pat King sessions

Co-Success: Leveraging Each Other for the Win
Monday, November 12th

Description: Liv Lunde of GamePlay Space, Henry Faber of Gamma Space and Pat King of Another Castle, are each respectfully running their own coworking space dedicated to indie game development. In this session, each presenter will showcase real-life examples/case-studies of how devs have benefited in various professional ways (funding, testing, shared resources…etc) from being active […]