Réjean Charpentier is the lead programmer at Red Barrels. Following some notable internships at Microsoft and Ubisoft, he officially started his career at EA Montreal in 2007 and contributed to several games such as Skate It, Army of Two, its sequel The 40th Day, and let’s not forget Boogie. After the regrettable shelving of an unannounced project, he left for THQ Montreal, helped finalize Homefront and was assisting in getting Patrice Désilet’s project off the ground when he received a call from previous EAM coworkers. They were seeking a technical partner to join in their new indie company named after cliched explosive props, and so in 2012 began the development of Outlast.
Six years, two games and some 15 million copies later, Réjean is still striving to convert code and coffee into terrifying fun.

Réjean Charpentier sessions

Gameplay Gurus: Characters, Combat, and Leadership
Tuesday, November 13th

Description: This panel will give insights into the craft of gameplay programming. Drawing on a combined 25 years of programming experience in games, discussion will include representatives from multiple studios discussing their successes and challenges. Panelists will give insights into workflows, feature implementation and trends in the games industry, as well as share tips on […]