5 Things I Refused to Learn in 35 Years of Game Audio

Categories: Audio By: George Sanger, The Fat Man

Description: Rules apply to game audio in much the same way as a string applies to a kite. To make wise business decisions, you need to know things: product category, benefits, competition, chief differentiating factors. And -solve a major, common problem in a growing market -have an extensible brand -protect yourself against competition. Let’s look […]

Adapting The Procedural Generation Systems in We Happy Few

Categories: Programming & Technology By: Lionel Barret de Nazaris, Compulsion Games

Description: We Happy Few has changed a lot during its 4 year development. Starting from a small 3D rogue-like with little or no story, it grew tremendously as a title thanks to the added story elements and gameplay mechanics. The world is We Happy Few was originally fully procedural. But as the scope of the […]

Armored Warfare: Lessons in UX/UI Design Process

Categories: Game Design By: Kylan Coats, Freelance

Description: Obsidian is known for making premium, single player, RPG titles. So how did it tackle a free-to-play tactical online shooter like Armored Warfare? This session will discuss the UX/UI design of Obsidian’s first foray into the free-to-play space, as well as go over the design process lessons carried forward to its next unannounced title. […]

Beyond Beer Fridays: Building Inclusive Games Culture Within Our Industry

Categories: Advocacy & Industry By: Rebecca Cohen-Palacios, Pixelles

Description: for much of the games industry, drinking goes hand-in-hand with networking and socializing. Beer Fridays are a perk we often see advertised to new candidates. Open bars are how we interact with our colleagues at conferences. As we’re seeing on social media, there is a demand for an industry that needs to evolve socially. […]

Beyond Screens: Bringing Games to the Real World

Categories: Game Design By: Aleissia Laidacker, Magic Leap

Description: Immersive Experience Design is a field that game developers are starting to flock to. Bringing games and interaction to physical spaces. Now, with Mixed Reality technologies, game developers can start bringing everything they know about game development, to bring the Digital World to the Physical World. In this talk, developers will learn more about […]

Building a Creative Future With Artificial Intelligence

Categories: Visual Arts By: Andrew Maximov, Promethean AI

Description: the session will break down into 3 categories all full of examples of potential applications of AI in production: AI in Content Creation AI at Runtime AI as a Creative Partner The first 2 are for the most part just the examples and ideas on where new technology will take us. The thired one […]

Challenges of building a game engine for the modern web

Categories: Programming & Technology By: Chris Shankland, Big Viking Games

Description: common implementations of game engine and editor features take full advantage of specific platform knowledge. One of the core principles of modern web standards is to hide the underlying platform from an application for security, privacy, and interoperability reasons. In this session we will discuss some of the techniques that we used to overcome […]

Creating Culture: Peeking Behind the Curtain on Four Different Studios’ Guiding Philosophies

Categories: Advocacy & Industry By: Anne Gibeault, Epsilon Games Jean-Sylvain Sormany, Snowed In Studios Inc. Mike Baker, Karman Interactive Philippe Morin, Red Barrels Taraneh Dohmer, Steel Crate Games

Description: each game development studio sets their culture, which sets the basis of how they will operate and work with their primary asset: the developers. For this panel, we gather the most respected studios of the Ottawa region discussing how culture and philosophy contributes to build strong and productive teams. We will look also at […]

Delicacy in Visual Narrative – The Vitality of Visual Storytelling in Games

Categories: Visual Arts By: Natasha Trygg, Snowfall

Description: This talk will present the tools from traditional visual storytelling and art production (art theory and practice, semiotics etc.) and their implementation in games – most of the AAA games use these principles especially in open world designs. Same principles are seen in successful indie titles such as “Journey” and “Thomas was Alone”, along […]

Delivering Spatial Audio with Unity – powered by Dolby

Categories: Audio By: Andy Vaughan, Dolby Chet Lucas, Ironarm Games Gage Lucas, Ironarm Games

Description: Spatial audio can make your sound design more lifelike by rendering game objects precisely where you place them in the game environment — including overhead and underfoot. Join Dolby and IRONARM Games for a session about creation and technology and learn what it takes to create Dolby Atmos content using the Microsoft Spatial Audio […]

Designing the sound of reality in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Categories: Audio By: Anne-Sophie Mongeau, Eidos Montreal

Description: The idea of realism in games can be very subjective. Even in a game world which sources its stylistic references from the real world, sound designers must sometimes bend the rules of authenticity in order to present an environment which feels realistic. Because in games, ‘realism’ bears more the meaning of being ‘believable’ and […]

Designing XR Experiences with Natural Language Understanding

Categories: Programming & Technology By: Nick Landry, Microsoft

Description: designing complex interactions for XR headsets (MR/VR/AR) experiences can be challenging due to the limited input schemes. Keyword-based voice commands are helpful but can also be immersion-breaking and pose user adoption problems. Advances in Machine Learning allow developers to easily leverage Natural Language Understanding through reusable techniques. The XR+AI combination is a powerful integration […]

Driving Sustainable Mobile Growth: A Playtika World Series of Poker Case Study

Categories: Business & Marketing By: Jeet Niyogi, Playtika

Description: achieving mobile growth is not easy but maintaining it, which often remains underestimated, is even harder given the ultra-crowded app landscape today. Join Jeet Niyogi to find out some of the key components, especially from the marketing and user acquisition side of things, that he experimented with and put in place, to maintain a […]

Ethical Video Game Monetization

Categories: Advocacy & Industry By: Crystin Cox, ArenaNet, LLC

Description: game creators have more control, and more options, than ever when it comes to asking players for money. With the freedom to design custom monetization strategies for every different game comes the responsibility of making sure those designs constitute ethical business practices. This talk explores what ethical monetization means, how it impacts game design, […]

Extreme Customer Feedback: How Riot took millions of players’ input to rebuild their game

Categories: Production & Management By: Guillaume Turmel, Riot Games

Description: what if it was possible to incorporate the feedback of millions of customers and make a product that satisfies almost everyone? That is the bet we made while working on “Runes Reforged,” a major re-write of some of the most basic rules of our game, League of Legends. What did we learn, how was […]

Flinthook: Creating variety by designing 400+ rooms by hand

Categories: Game Design By: Marion Esquian, Tribute Games

Description: Flinthook is a fast action-platformer with “roguelike” elements made by Tribute Games. The levels in this game are procedurally generated by assembling handcrafted rooms. Marion is going to speak about all the thinking and process behind the level design of Flinthook. How they created more than 400 rooms for the game. What are the […]

Having more Control: Remedy’s next game

Categories: Game Design By: Thomas Puha, Remedy Entertainment

Description: In the previous years MIGS conferences, Remedy Entertainment has talked about how it has transformed from a single project studio to a multi-project, multiplatform organization and gone through an IPO to partly fund its new strategy. In 2018, we can finally talk about the first game borne under the new strategy, the multiplatform project […]

Help me out!: Designing for Team Awareness and Collaboration

Categories: Game Design By: Jason Wuertz, University of New Brunswick

Description: in team-based activities such as sports, teammates develop situation awareness about each other’s location, status, and actions through cues such as gaze direction and ambient noise. To support situation awareness, multiplayer games provide awareness cues—information that games automatically make available to players to support cooperative gameplay. The design of awareness cues can be extremely […]

How Games Get Signed: Unpacking the Publisher Evaluation

Categories: Business & Marketing By: John Cooney, Kongregate

Description: with thousands of game pitches being made every year, its important to consider the process and decision-making behind publishers and what bests position a game for a publishing offer. From the first email to the pitch deck to the publishing ask, every step of a publishing conversation is important to craft and consider. With […]

How Machine Learning Can Help Improve Your Game Design

Categories: Game Design By: Tiago Tex Pine, Bethesda Game Studios

Description: a look into modern AI algorithms and tech, from Regression to Deep Learning, and how they can be applied to help Game Designers balance their games, updated content and design new features around what the audience is craving for. Targeted public: game designers, , data analysts, data scientists, producers, product managers, product owners, system […]

HowStuffWorks: A Deeper Look Into Production Methods at 3 Indie Studios

Categories: Production & Management By: Richard Atlas, Clever Endeavour Games Samantha Cook, Artifact 5

Description: three indie studios of varying sizes and experience will compare their internal methodologies for communication and their production pipelines from a management perspective. The talk, mediated by Richard Atlas from Clever Endeavour Games, will center around specific questions that look deeply into day-to-day communication, documentation, management, meetings, and more. Targeted public: this new ideas […]

Mastering the Creative Process

Categories: Audio By: Tom Salta, Persist Music

Description: the creative process; elusive and intangible. Even for the most seasoned professional, the creative process is something we, as human beings, can’t control, but only participate in. Creative Pros need to harness this creative process in a predictable way so that they can deliver their work on time. Veteran Game Composer, Tom Salta, will […]

Methods for Achieving Consistent Success

Categories: Business & Marketing By: Ryan Clark, Brace Yourself Games

Description: Creator of the hit game “Crypt of the NecroDancer”, Ryan Clark has consistently made profitable and award winning independent games since 2004. He has a set of tools that he uses to achieve this level of consistency, and he’ll be sharing those tools in this wide-ranging talk! Targeted public: This session is targeted at […]

Mock Reviews 101: What, Why, Where, and What You Can Expect

Categories: Business & Marketing By: Scott Jones, ACME Consulting

Description: The session is a detailed discussion of the mock review process, consisting of how it works, what developers can expect, how I build a report, how the Metascore is derived, sales forecast elements, review score elements, etcetera. The lecture will also include a deconstruction of the mock review process, including: What developers should ask […]

Music for Games: Under the Hood

Categories: Audio By: Matthew Carl Earl, Hexany Audio Michel April Mike Raznick Richard Ludlow, Hexany Audio Samuel Laflamme

Description: this panel features a collective brain trust of composers with the credits spanning franchises like Ratchet & Clank, Outlast 2, Might & Magic, Arena of Valor, Trolls, Dead by Daylight, Oddworld, Blade Runner: Revelations, King’s Quest, Assassin’s Creed, and many many more. We’ll go behind the scenes and dissect a pice of work from […]

Paint It Black: The Art and Design of Darkest Dungeon

Categories: Visual Arts By: Chris Bourassa, Red Hook Studios

Description: Darkest Dungeon’s art style, broken heroes, and morbid monsters were no accident! Careful deliberation and a rigorous commitment to expressing a singular creative direction underscore the game’s art and design at every turn. From Lepers to Plague Doctors, Creative Director and Artist Chris Bourassa illuminates the influences, narrative goals, and production considerations that formed […]

Reaching a Wider Audience: The Data Behind Going Cross-Platform

Categories: Business & Marketing By: Tammy Levy, Kongregate

Description: With hundreds of games being released every day, today’s gaming market is extremely competitive. How can you find additional success? From mobile and web to Steam and consoles; in the last year Kongregate has been able to reach a wider audience by thinking cross-platform for both Paid and F2P games. Through several case studies […]

Research, Iterate and Validate

Categories: Production & Management By: Leonard Luz, Behaviour Interactive

Description: how to make use of a UX designer? This presentation is not about user experience, it’s about how a UX designer comes into play with the rest of the team, clients, and production. The presentation will show examples from the successful project Ellen’s Road to Riches Slots and use quantified examples to illustrate the […]

So you wrote a safer space policy… now what?

Categories: Advocacy & Industry By: EMi Spicer, Feminist Frequency Jessica Moore, Freelance

Description: now more than ever the game industry is aware of the need for safe and effective policies for managing conduct issues within studios and community events. This workshop will guide participants through the process of obtaining and enforcing a code of conduct for their organization. No one ever wants to have to confront harassment […]

Subjective Simulation Design: Ludonarrative Congruence in the Shrouded Isle

Categories: Game Design By: Jongwoo Kim, Kitfox Games

Description: Most management games depict an objective, materialist reality, focusing on the generation and expenditure of physical resources. The Shrouded Isle, in contrast, simulates the subjective, psychological reality of a cult’s leadership by having the gameplay focus on balancing conflicting religious and political motives. By exploring an alternative to standard reward cycles, system designers can […]

Texturing the World of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Categories: Visual Arts By: Pierre Fleau, Ubisoft Québec Vincent Dérozier, Ubisoft Québec

Description: Learn how the Textures of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey world have been created. In this presentation you will learn how the Ubisoft Québec team bring the ancient Greece to life. We will take you through the specificity of the complete redesign of the texture pipeline for our world textures. You will see through specific Architectural, […]

The Importance of Futureproofing

Categories: Production & Management By: Edgar Parente, Rogue Factor

Description: video game development is fraught with unknowns, ‘what ifs,’ and high cost risks. A solid development process and well researched pre-production stage can mitigate a lot of potential pitfalls that would only show themselves later on in the project. This talk will go over a variety of best practices and case studies – from […]

The Rules of Art: Creating a Brand Style Guide for Games

Categories: Visual Arts By: Alexander Karpazis, Ubisoft Montreal

Description: every game has an identity. The strength of this identity relies on the visual branding of the game. Whether it’s the typography used in a million dollar advertising campaign or the colors used in an indie games logo – the branding style guide is the rule-set that defines a games voice. Alexander Karpazis is […]

Transforming from Peer-to-Peer to Dedicated Servers on a Live game: how For Honor fixed connectivity

Categories: Programming & Technology By: Laurent Chouinard, Ubisoft

Description: On launch day, the For Honor team suddenly discovered that many players were having connectivity issues, something that had not been seen in any live testing phases. This gave birth to Project Onion: converting the live game to dedicated servers. In this presentation, Laurent covers 3 aspects of this project: – How come we […]

Tutorialization: Hiding Your Gameplay Rules in Plain Sight

Categories: Game Design By: Matthew Compher, Tarsier Studios

Description: How a developer might handle tutorialization and teaching the player the rules of a game when they are not allowed any text, UI, or spoken dialogue. Taken to this extreme, a very conscious approach to teaching needs to be taken. Pedagogical principles can be applied to level design much the same as with traditional […]

Unions in a Nutshell: History, Theory, Examples

Categories: Advocacy & Industry By: Johanna Weststar, Western University

Description: There has been growing discussion about unions in the digital game industry and many have a lot of questions about what unions are, how they form and how they work. What about merit and competitive advantage? How could there be common rules when each game project is different? What about indies and low-budget titles? […]

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: The Character Art of Marvel’s Spider-Man

Categories: Visual Arts By: Gavin Goulden, Insomniac Games

Description: in this talk I will show our process in how we advanced our team from making stylized art to highly realistic characters, the changes this brought about, the challenges we faced, and how it improved the output of our team. Touching on topics such as art direction, process / execution, rendering technology, and how […]

You, Your Community, and Your Career

Categories: Advocacy & Industry By: Jarryd Huntley, Polytundra LLC / LCCC

Description: as an indie based in a flyover state Jarryd Huntley will take some time to explore what it’s like to make games in Cleveland, Ohio. His path in game development is inextricably tried traveling, and to the growth and investment in the local game development scene in Cleveland. Jarryd will also discuss how that […]